There are different ways to achieve success with Sprouting

Remember that some seeds for growing in a seasonal garden
should not be used for Sprouting , as they are coated with chemicals
to help germination and deter disease

Containers vary from Fabric Bags to Jars to Commercially sold Sprouters.
Some seeds do best in a thin layer of potting soil.

Length of Sprouting time varies based on type of seed
and what the Sprout will be used for
but usually is from 2 to 6 days

A cookie sheet with a thin layer of soil can have the seeds directly spread
on top of the soil, and misted several times a day

Mason Jars are handy as they come with a wide mouth and can be covered with
Cheese Cloth or Stainless Steel Screens replacing the inner rings.
The choice is yours, the idea is to water and drain the Sprouts
at least twice a day and stored horizontally with the cover slanted down.

Our experience with a Commercial Sprouter, the Fresh Life Model 2000
lead us to believe that although it has a built in timer
it waters too often and the timer cannot be adjusted
We dealt with this by purchasing a timer
Our particular timer was a digital 7 Day , 7 Event
We set it for 1 hour On and 3 hours Off
During the On Time, the Timer built into the Sprouter
will still turn Off and On as Factory Set

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