Nut Milk

The following is a summary of Our experiences making Nut Milk

We so far prefer using Raw Brazil nuts for making nut milk
It's easy ! Just take 1 cup of Raw nuts to 2 cups of water
and put them in a blender.
Run the blender until the nuts are pulverized
and then strain the contents through cheese cloth.
Save the pulp for cookies or other dehydrating projects

Note that Raw nuts spoil quickly, so store them in a freezer.

The milk does not last much longer than a day, so don't make too much at one time.

A Hemp Bag will make straining the pulp from the nut milk easier then using Cheese Cloth.

WE will give examples of using the milk in our Recipe part of this Web Site

Note that we have used other kinds of nuts with good results
but prefer the flavor of Brazil Nut Milk and find that it lasts longer in the refrigerator
than other kinds of nut milk that we have made.

We will eventually be selling Raw Nuts on this Site, but not yet.

Return Soon, and Grow and Eat with US